AUDIO: Spider Plant – “Mountain”

With the release of his latest single, the rising star Spider Plant enters a new chapter in his career, and he also joins a new world of charisma with the help of an electronic soundtrack that quickly soothes the ears upon first contact. The song ‘Mountain’, which has been put together by Spider Plant and first released in the United Kingdom, is currently getting a lot of attention, and it is evident to see why!

Even if it is not a million miles distant from his previous release, ‘Mountain’ is a novel continuation of the journey that Spider Plant has been travelling over the course of the last year. It is still akin to his prior style, yet it delivers lots of distinctive alterations that make it stand out amid his already highly regarded backlog. These adjustments assist it in creating a distinct identity.

Someone who has not yet listened to Spider Plant may be fooled into thinking that he is more of a neo-classical artist based on the fact that the song begins with an introduction that consists of orchestral instruments. However, he quickly returns to his typical method of working with a beat that takes the chill factor to an entirely new level. The voyage is one of discovery, and it takes many turns and twists along the way. By the time it reaches its culmination, we have arrived at a point where we feel perfectly quenched.

You can take a listen here.

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