AUDIO: Diet Lite – “Jon Told Bob Told Rob”

Garage rockers Diet Lite rage on with their new EP out today. It’s five tracks that the band’s been playing regularly in their set for a while now, which is exciting for anyone who’s caught the band on a number of occasions like we have. The melodies are polished, the grooves are catchy as hell, and the lyrical exchanges between Max Niemann and Kelson Kuzdas make for colorful storytelling across the board. Having fun no matter what they’re doing is a core value of Diet Lite’s, and that’s reflected heavily through the rambunctious build-up of “Glammin That Hill”, the end-credits adventure that is “Lenny”, as well as the blistering velocity of “Harbour A Hand.” Basements and bars alike are ready to get rowdy with “Jon Told Bob Told Rob.”

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