Rock and roll bands Stone Theory and Wonderful Bluffer took the stage on Boone and Crockett’s patio Friday night, drawing in a solid crowd for a picturesque Milwaukee summer night on the riverfront.

Stone Theory are based in the Kenosha-Racine area. The band consists of vocalist/keyboardist Kelly Cole, guitarist Jacob Saal, guitarist/harmonicist Cade Kozak, bassist Jake Cole, and drummer Matt Philips. They have been a band for about a year now; this was their first proper gig in Milwaukee. The band formed from proximity; Kelly and Jake are siblings, Kelly and Philips are dating, and then Saal and Kozak joined soon after.

“I got very drunk one night and said that I was sick of not being in a band,” Kozak said.

They take influence from The Doors, The Beatles, Oasis, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Rush, plus classical and jazz music. Philips explains where the band’s name comes from.

“It’s from Stone Tape theory, which is the idea that energy gets trapped in organic material, which then sticks around in locations. As Stone Theory, we’re five monolithic musicians on our own but when we come together, it’s like a stone circle…like a portal of energy.”

The band is gearing up to release their first single “Cruisin'” next month. “I wrote it probably four years ago,” Kelly said. “It’s about getting in your car and having a reset when you’re upset. Movement can always soothe people, like when babies are on a car ride and they fall asleep. We’re working with a management company called B Squared on our release plan.”

In fact, B Squared booked Stone Theory a tour this fall where the band is hitting seven states. “We’ve got a handful of recordings now,” Jake said. “It’s just getting us all in the studio is the tricky part. We all have day jobs and are gigging constantly.”

Stone Theory play the Beach Front Arts Fest in Kenosha on July 31st and then the 7th Annual Dog Days of Summer at George’s Tavern in Racine on September 17th.

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