AUDIO: Glitch Project – “Shivers”

Glitch Project enter a fresh era with their new single, ‘Shivers’. The Italian band’s latest release adds a new chapter to their legacy—the duo ventures far beyond their alt-pop trademark to add dance textures to their already formidable blend.

The Federica and Maida duo are not afraid to attempt new things, and they do so with ‘Shivers’. It opens with an exciting beat that slams into the speakers while a breath-like vocal radiates across the mix. Then Maida quietly enters the mix, her ethereal tones around a synthesiser composition that many will liken to something from some of the biggest electronic tunes to emerge in previous years.

After a little intermission, Maida delivers a notable vocal performance as we get back to business. She passionately sings about the world and her personal experiences. Her suspenseful narrative talks about a hot-and-cold relationship, frequently describing how someone else is stealing what is rightfully theirs while still appealing to them to stay and not leave. The lyrics will move many people who pay close attention to the words, and the shivers Maida experiences are a common reaction to a complicated relationship.

Federica is fantastic musically, and one of the reasons people keep returning to their new release is her capacity for musical exploration.

You can listen here.

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