AUDIO: Spectral Display – “Back On My Feet”

Spectral Display’s new single, ‘Back On My Feet’, has them on a high. It’s a noticeable gem, and it’s already bringing them back to the scene’s vanguard.

The ensemble is from Holland and have been gracing the airwaves since the 1980s. Since their start, they have amassed a loyal fan base, and they consistently provide the goods, with this one being no exception. It begins with a slow ascent, with the bass pulsating ahead alongside a tapping beat rhythm. The speed quickens in the opening verse, and frontman Paul Simon draws us into his world with a mesmerising vocal performance.

Paul is a vocal force, and while there is some artificial effect on his voice, his natural dynamics and quality shine through. Also, his tones fit the sentiment of the instrumental, with a feel-good vibe leaking out of the mix. Michel, the track’s producer, is as charismatic as ever, and his innate ability to construct entertaining electronic pop pays off once more!

Lyrically, ‘Back On My Feet’ is more relevant now than ever, especially in light of world events. Moreover, Paul Simon speaks about being back and living life to the fullest, and he looks forward with vivid eyes; his excitement for the times ahead is palpable.

You can stream the new single here.

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