AUDIO: Sabi Pitt – “Keep On”

Caribbean singer Sabi Pitt showcases his inner creative prowess with his new pop soaked afro-pop gem, ‘Keep On’. The single is from the album of the same title, and it is out now on all streaming platforms.

Leaping out of the scene, Sabi Pitt brings the feel-good charisma that the world has been crying out for recently. His candid wordplay strikes with relevancy as he does not glorify humanity or society. Instead, he admits that we all make mistakes but that learning is the way to progress for the benefit of all humankind and the planet. Also, Sabi reiterates that we should keep on moving forward, looking for new ways to improve.

Musically, ‘Keep On’ fuses various styles into one, and it is a hybrid sound akin to not many tracks emerging in the scene today. The synths whirl around the mix with a dance and appealing aesthetic, and the bass glues everything together. Also, there is a tropical foundation with which the rest of the sounds blends seamlessly.

The vocals from Sabi are smooth and euphoric, with his tones serenading the ears from the first encounter. Also, his singing approach changes often as he explores with his technique. It is a refreshing delivery from the breakout artist, and he takes us far from our surroundings with his infectious performance.

You can take a listen here.

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