AUDIO: Karuna – “Tipping Point”

Karuna are instinctively making a positive influence on the world and all of us on the planet with their new release, ‘Tipping Point’. Furthermore, the group, led by Abigail Rooley-Towle, emphasises the need to take action to rescue the earth before it is too late and irreparable. ‘Tipping Point’ also comes with ‘The Shape Of Water,’ which adds to and strengthens the theme.

Karuna’s music focuses on a folk aesthetic, and they use many subgenres to create an experience that is not all that frequent in current times. Furthermore, Abi explores an early music method, and her distinctive vocal stands out right away with her approach, giving us chills. Her vocal performance mirrors the thought-provoking lyrics, and each member of the band rises to the occasion to further establish the group’s identity in the music market.

‘Tipping Point’ and ‘The Shape Of Water’ both establish an unorthodox path that blossoms as they go along. The framework is out of the box, and Karuna choose to do things their own way rather than following the status quo; it’s refreshing to see them venture outside of the scene’s comfort zone and push their sound in new directions.

The music on display is also adventurous. The fact that the sounds are more related to the past rather than contemporary demonstrates the group’s versatility in approaches and willingness to experiment to produce a distinct sound.

You can take a listen here.

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