AUDIO: Prior The End – “Ask Them About Cancer”

Prior The End are fresh, vibrant, and courageous for a band still in the early stages of their career. However, their relatively new status does not hold them back. They’ve produced a sound that could be mistaken for that of a band with a lengthy discography.

The band are from Germany, yet their sound is similar to that of many of the rock bands emerging from the United States as of right now too. As a result, it is no surprise to see them soaring over in the west. Nonetheless, their rock wave has also reached their home country, and they are raising the rock flag for their homeland.

Their new song, ‘Ask Them About Cancer,’ features a variety of sounds that many will enjoy right away. However, it follows a very standard framework for this genre of release. Nonetheless, they’ve integrated diverse sounds and effects to give the already famous sound a unique flavour. The band have a solid vocal presence, and their striking character is similar to the greats in the area.

They speak with a precise diction that is refreshing. Also, their message is highly emotive, conveying a strong sense of sincerity.

Overall, Prior The End shine here, paving the way for their new album, ‘Cutting My Roots,’ which will be out on May 13th.

You can listen here.

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