AUDIO: Von Venn – “Ghost”

Von Venn are towering over the indie realm with their new single, ‘Ghost’. The band who come from Ireland are on point with their delivery filling a niche in the industry and also uniquely positioning themself for even more growth.

‘Ghost’ is cinematic indie rock done right, with Gary Cox at the helm giving it his all from the start; the outcome is not to miss out on! The song begins with a shimmering synth lead, which is followed by a piercing guitar lead that plucks away alongside a lead Gary Cox vocal.

Gary Cox speaks frankly about emptiness and loneliness, missing someone who used to be by his side from the first second. Even the most hardened listeners will be moved by the message, and the backup female harmonies give even more poignancy to the encounter.

The drums have a distinct cadence, and their crispness makes them stand out. Also, the many noises that surge in the mix keep the adrenaline pumping, and it’s impossible to leave the song once the chorus arrives. Furthermore, the chorus melody wraps itself around the soul, leaving an indelible mark with its thought-provoking rhythm.

The guitars get their time to shine in the ending section, and a guitar solo soars through the mix, creating an indie atmosphere that will recall listeners of the days when bands like Oasis and Arctic Monkeys controlled the airways.

You can take a listen to ‘Ghost’ here.

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