AUDIO: AboGod – “Chosen”

AboGod is soaring with his new release, ‘Chosen’. It is a hip hop gem which takes a no prisoner approach, with the rapper shining distinctly from the moment he reaches for the microphone.

It’s a song about faith and spirituality. There’s a vibrant atmosphere here that will whisk you away from the madness of current life and into the realm of the up-and-coming rapper. It’s clear from the start that this is one of the most compelling tracks to emerge from the scene in recent times, and it’s wonderful to hear the rapper venture into new territory with a sound that you won’t find anywhere else.

With an infectious rhyme, ‘Chosen’ digs deep into a unique area. AboGod exudes self-assurance, and his enthusiasm for what he does is palpable. It also provides a pleasant melody and tone that creates a lasting impact. Also, the rapper hammers home with a message in the chorus portion that leaves no room for doubt.

Overall, it’s a track we’ll be keeping close for quite some time. It stays faithful to the present scene while still evoking nostalgia with a plethora of bold and reminiscent elements of the greats.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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