AUDIO: Shane Pi – “Company”

Shane Pi is an American independent artist whose name we’ll be hearing more of in the coming months. He has a talent for producing high-quality audio, and we cannot get enough!

The start to his latest single, ‘Company’, is warm and euphoric, with plenty of likeable textures. It has a soothing background beat that taps away and the vocal melody grips. It may feel like you’ve had it before, but this notion is based only on its fascinating appeal.

Shane gets his message across in the verse, and his remarkable ability to connect with the listeners comes through. Furthermore, many people will be able to relate to his lyricism as he sings about a romance and enjoying his time with his other half. The chorus is an earworm. Moreover, it has a captivating quality that makes it difficult not to sway to the catchy rhythm. It’s also fantastic that Shane can carve out a niche for himself in a genre that is quite competitive in today’s game.

Overall, ‘Company’ is a terrific track that generates a lot of excitement from the start. It has a vital aspect to it that will leave you quenched; also, if you listen closely to the lyrics, you will connect with Shane’s piercing vocals, and he will leave you with a lasting impression ahead of his upcoming EP, ‘Is This Art?’

You can take a listen here. | Pre-save ‘Is This Art?’ EP here. | Instagram.

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