AUDIO: Spider Plant – “Day In”

Getting an email with a tune like Spider Plant’s “Day in” is something that doesn’t happen every day. While similar tracks appear through an orthodox lens, this one maintains its cool, bringing fresh tang while still allowing nostalgia to creep through the seams.

A wistful synth arrangement leads the way. It transports us on a journey of discovery, where we come to realise that we are greatly burdened by stress from our daily lives. Also, it is refreshing to hear Spider Plant emerge with a salient vocal. He employs an effect that isn’t typically associated with this style of music, but it works well and adds an added layer of mystery to the tranquillity.

There’s nothing excessively intricate about the track’s structure, and it generally follows a pattern that we’ve grown accustomed to anticipating. However, several elements develop along the way and become more prominent as the piece progresses, which helps to maintain our attention on the speakers. Also, even after it has come to the finish line, we are compelled to listen to it again to obtain a better understanding of the artists’ universe and way of thinking.

Overall, this is a memorable release from Spider Plant, and it will almost certainly serve as a fantastic prelude to the next release, which will hopefully arrive soon.

You can listen to ‘Day In’ here.

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