AUDIO: Luis Morrison – “Ultraviolet”

Luis Morrison from Birmingham, England is the talk of the town right now because of his new debut release, ‘Ultraviolet’, which Serenade the ears from the start and doesn’t let up as it proceeds. The overture begins with a lovely texture from the guitar, then eventually leads to a foot pounding percussion beat that is tough to ignore.

Bright spark, Morrison has a particular vocal technique that will carry him far in the industry. He is a star that many may compare to others, with heaps more experience under the hood and lots more tunes available on Spotify. Still, he is indeed new, which makes finding him even more exciting.

The backdrop is silk sonic, and Luis adds to the encounter with his thought-provoking wordplay. Furthermore, as stated in the song, Luis wants to be someone’s sunshine, he wants to be there for them, and he is here to devote himself to the relationship. The guitars find a lot of energy in the middle, soaring through the mix with determination and leading us to our air guitar cupboard, where we just want to rip up some chords and pretend we’re Luis Morrison.

The structure is constantly evolving, which adds to the release’s unpredictability. It’s a technique used by some of the best musicians in prior years, and Luis accomplishes it flawlessly in ‘Ultraviolet’. In addition, the track’s key rises somewhat in the last half, drawing us back in for more once it concludes.

You can take a listen here.

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