AUDIO: Deanna Chase – “Work It Out”

Deanna Chase pops up with her new single, ‘Work It Out,’ which catapults her into a new universe of boundless possibilities. The breakout artist from the UK takes on the task, and it pays off with a salience that is often more familiar with artists with many more years in the hood and many more tunes in the backlog.

It’s terrific to see an artist return to a once-popular sound that never went out of style. Furthermore, listening to R&B greats from many years ago in a comparative context to this one wouldn’t seem out of place. Nevertheless, based on an R&B core, this new song stands out with a current texture and flawlessly fuses its subtle hints of a bygone era.

The music is enthralling. It doesn’t change much, but the syncopated pulse keeps us focused. Deanna is a vocal powerhouse, and it’s impressive that she doesn’t rely significantly on backup harmonies. Also, Deanna’s lyrics focus on a compelling message about finding a way around complexity and a relationship that comes up against a barrier where the other is not expressing themselves profoundly, requiring them to work it out to enable sustainability and growth within the connection.

Overall, this is a top-class new delivery from Deanna Chase and one we cannot get enough of right about now! You can take a listen to ‘Work It Out’ by Deanna Chase by clicking here.

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