AUDIO: Social Caterpillar – “When You Woke Up to Dances of Light”

Psych-chamber folk band Social Caterpillar are out with a new LP. Kicking things off with “A Thematic Introduction,” the glum theme of inevitable death is brought forth. There’s a fervent sense of existential dread throughout the record, from ambivalence towards religion in “Anti-Prayer” to confronting the meaningless world violence perpetrated for profit in “Eraser” to the paling of optimism in “Hymns of Awakening” to the chaotic and disorienting interludes. We suffer under late-stage capitalism, and “for what?” Social Caterpillar asks as they teeter achingly at the edge of an abyss. The band gets meta about the futility of social hatreds and collapsing sensationalist facades with “When You Woke Up to Dances of Light.”

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