AUDIO: Adam Giles Levy – “Wild Earth”

Adam Giles Levy is back and bolder than ever before with his new release, ‘Wild Earth’, which arrived on Friday the 25th of March. It is from the singer-songwriter’s upcoming new album, ‘Wake Of Disarray’.

The voyage begins with a guitar riff, followed by a stadium-filling drum rhythm and Adam Giles Levy’s vocal delivery. His distinctive ear-pleasing vocal tones glide through the airwaves with ease, and he is as passionate as ever. The track sends shivers up the spine right away, and it’s clear from the first few seconds that we’re in for an unforgettable experience; it doesn’t disappoint!

Adam expresses himself candidly when speaking about the world around us and the damage we are causing to the globe. His lyrics leave an impression on the soul, reminding us of our daily disconnection from our environment and inspiring us to do something about it and change our ways of life to ensure a brighter future for all.

Adam’s mood is reflected through the music, which has a dramatic quality that touches home. It’s dramatic and fits right in with Adam’s already suspenseful storey. It’s not a new storey, but it adds to the foundations already laid down by those before.

Overall, a solid new release from Adam Giles Levy and a strong indication of what to expect from his upcoming album, likely to arrive later this year.

You can take a listen to this new single here. Also, Adam Giles Levy can be found on Instagram here.

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