AUDIO: Hurd & Galante – “Mississippi Sundown Again”

Drawing upon an earlier time, Americana duo Hurd & Galante are making their debut, with a pair of new tracks, collectively released as “Mississippi Sundown Again.” The title track, along with “I Ain’t Your Dad And I Ain’t Dead,” are the band’s introduction to the world, with an authentic sound that feels like summertime in the countryside. The main track evokes imagery of hopping a railcar to who knows where while the sun goes down, and the b-side tells the story of a night out as a deadbeat dad with a baby on the way. The songs are well crafted and sound intimate, but have tons of character to them. For an initial offering, the band certainly have bright things on the horizon, especially as the weather warms up and dusk-laden outdoor concerts are on the horizon. Get your introduction to the band with “Mississippi Sundown Again” below:

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