AUDIO: The Lucky 13s – “We Can Come Together”

The Lucky 13s are an out-of-the-box band on the rise with their new track, ‘We Can Come Together’, which speaks candidly about love and finding our way back to those who matter in our life.

The overture is startling, and the blues funk flavour immediately sweeps us away from modern life’s difficulties. Jamie Johnson appears swiftly, and his voice has a texture that few others in the game have. His tone is distinct, and he illustrates that the blues and soul genres still have a lot of opportunity for creativity.

It’s also not your typical blues track. It has a fantastic tempo, and each band member adds new elements to the mix with unique approaches of star quality. It also includes many structural shifts in the production, and it’s apparent that the band are inspired by the world’s best.

Overall, ‘We Can Come Together’ has an enticing aspect that leaves us wanting more when it concludes. Is it due to the contagious nature of the production? Is it conceivable that Jamie has put us under a spell? This song is an indication that the band is on their way to reaching their goal of blessing as many music lovers as possible. Only time will tell how their future unfolds, but given the calibre of this performance, it will come as no surprise if they make even more substantial strides.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

Visit the band here.

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