AUDIO: Artic Baba – “Mr. Crazy”

Artic Baba hit the ground running with their new single, ‘Mr. Crazy’. It is available to stream now on all major streaming platforms.

The guitars rip their way through the speakers with genuine charm! There is no energy lost on this track, and the original power from the studio maintains its position in the mix. The overture is everything we could have dreamed for from the group that provides feel-good rock with a twist! They don’t hold back with their prowess, shining brightly like a star in the night sky, and they show that they have all the hidden components to send them high up the echelon.

Gripping the track like a leech, we go on a voyage that leaves an indent! The band unleashes genuine rock and roll intensity while generating a joyous pop sound for everyone to enjoy! The vocals are stimulating, and they have a similar vibe to what has come before them! The lyrics are compelling, as the band speaks passionately about living freely, doing something different, and doing what we love!

A guitar solo erupts in the latter part of the track, influencing us to reach for our air guitar and concluding the track in perfect pop-rock fashion, adding to the already fascinating experience!

Overall, Artic Baba’s ‘Mr Crazy’ is among the most intense pop-rock tracks in recent memory, and it will be echoing out of our speakers for quite some time!

You can listen here.

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