AUDIO: Tyler Reese – “If You Let Me”

Tyler Reese is the latest rnb-pop singer to release new music. His current track, ‘If You Let Me’ is an emotional rollercoaster; it fastens us in tightly, and the trajectory it takes us on is unforgettable.

Tyler quickly gets the emotions running through us with a delicate guitar lead overture. The theme maintains a calm tone and follows a straightforward framework with only a few musical structures evident. However, it is refreshing, and this track would not have sounded as sharp if there had been more going on in the background. It also keeps our attention focused on the vocals, which are ultimately the track’s highlight, with Tyler delivering each note flawlessly.

The hitmaker has a solid vocal presence. Tylers draws inspiration from the greats of the past while still bringing something new to the table. Furthermore, he provides original quality and a sound that few others have recently delivered. He sings with a lot of heart, which shows in this song. As a result, the emotion clings to us like a leech, preventing us from focusing on anything else.

The guitar backing track sounds fantastic musically here. It’s spirited but just far enough in the background to lend power without overpowering the singer. It’s also intriguing to hear how it harmonises with Tyler’s singing, and it adds a lot more harmony to the already lovely piece.

However, because the artist is still young in his career, he will need more songs to solidify his place in musical history. But, if this one is any indication, the following releases will undoubtedly be equally enjoyable.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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