AUDIO: The Brouhaha – “Rain Down”

The Brouhaha rattle the speakers for the right reason with their new single, ‘Rain Down’.

On this release, jingly-jangly guitars are all the rage, with the British band tearing up as they mean to go in the intro. Furthermore, it begins with the guitar leading the way, and before we know it, the drums are thudding, and the bass grooves kick us up the rear! The band excel in their space with their signature sound, and they do not hold back on their creative orientation.

Cleverly, the band combines numerous sounds and styles into one, resulting in an eclectic sound that will even have your grandmother clutching to her chair. The music is upbeat, and the energy levels soar to new heights, with the vocalists adding to the energising effect. The chorus is everything that you’d expect from this high-calibre song! It also has a cadence that clings to the psyche like chewy on the bottom of the boot. It’s one of the most catchy refrains you’ll ever hear!

The music becomes more experimental as the storey unfolds. Additionally, the syncopated backbeat synergises seamlessly with the juicy instrumentals that come and go! The vocalists’ tone also flawlessly complements the record’s message, and the progression leaves us hungry for another listen after it’s over.

Overall, ‘Rain Down’ is a superb gem and one which will be echoing out of playlists for a long time!

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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