AUDIO: Elnoir – “X-Ray”

Elnoir proves to be a serious player in the pop game with her new release, ‘X-Ray’. Still new to the scene, with this being her first single, she immediately captures the ear of pop fans and demonstrates that she has the golden touch with her exhilarating skill.

The starlet, who hails from Italy, flies the flag for Italian female pop music, and she does so with admirable assurance. Her vocals are energising, and she is readily comparable to some of the best newcomers to the scene in recent years, even though she is still rising the ranks of the industry.

‘X-Ray’ is a one-of-a-kind track, with Elnoir experimenting with her musical influences to create a distinctly novel soundscape. It begins with a piano that is tuned slightly differently than usual, and it wobbles around in the overture alongside a frightening effect that blends in from the background. Elnoir then soars to the top of the mix and lends a special singing performance. Her delivery is soft initially, but as she heads to the refrain, her power increases, and she takes no hostages, demonstrating her abilities.

The composition is ingenious, with the piano taking centre stage at 1 minute into the track with Elnoir singing on top with a soothing timbre. Elnoir slams forward with another fantastic vocal performance as the drums ramp up. Also, while it’s difficult to tell where the chorus ends and begins, it’s a captivating experience that lingers for a long time.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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