AUDIO: Joshua Gelfand – “The Only Place You Know”

According to Joshua Gelfand, who is back bigger and better than ever with his latest single release, ‘The Only Place You Know’ is sometimes the best place.

The New York-based artist has been somewhat adventurous in recent years, and his hard work and vision have paid off nicely. Joshua manages to lure us away from the bustle of modern life, instantly transporting us to a serene atmosphere, and he does so with star quality! He is the lone creator of this track, and the amount of prowess he has under his sleeve is evident when you dig deep into this creation.

A stunning intro opens ‘The Only Place You Know.’ The electronic composition rises from the mix with a synth that syncs wonderfully with the supporting cadence as the beat taps along with clapping rhythm. In the first passage, there are multiple hooks. It appears that this will be an instrumental track; nevertheless, much to our delight, Joshua Gelfand reaches out to the spotlight and propels the path ahead with his vocal delivery.

Joshua opens the door to his thoughts using his voice, and he studies the future while also reflecting on prior interactions. He’s trying to figure out whether the future is brighter in a new location or if staying put is the best choice. His narrative is especially relevant when the world is awash in uncertainty.

Overall, Gelfand’s work is intriguing! Take a listen here.

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