AUDIO: Spade The Artist – “Stash House”

Spade The Artist is back, and with his latest drop, ‘Stash House,’ he is in top form.

The Atlanta-based musicians’ new track is everything you’d expect from an artist of his calibre. From the first second, it’s captivating, with a hit rap performance about hope and optimism. Spade is self-assured, knows what he wants to achieve in life, and will go to any length to get there; we have no reason to doubt him!

His lyrics are infectious, and he takes cues from the greats while still offering a fresh perspective to Hip Hop. His tones blend pretty effectively with the musical backdrop, creating an instantly exciting atmosphere. Additionally, the ad-libs that arise along the route add even more weight and flair to the production’s original vibe. Similarly, the beat is bold, with a powerful kick drum that perfectly shakes the speakers. Likewise, the bass adds a lot of star quality to the mix, as does the piano hook that appears often.

Overall, the Atlanta hitmaker’s new hip hop tune ‘Stash House’ is an adventurous new release. It’s energising, with a new-to-the-scene aspect that fits nicely with other tunes in the same genre. It also provides a clear indication of what to expect from Spade The Artist’s future works, which will most likely be released next year.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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