AUDIO: Spectral Display – “It Burns You When It’s Hot”

Spectral Display aren’t short on hits, and they don’t waste any time delivering ‘It Burns You When It’s Hot’ right after their critically acclaimed previous single, ‘Sorry Dear World.’

The Dutch-based band are currently smashing it left, right, and centre, and it’s no wonder since they’ve been thrilling the scene for decades, dating back to the 1980s. The band are always looking for new ways to engage their fans, and ‘It Burns You When It’s Hot’ does just that.

The song is a pop jewel with electronic qualities, making it the all-encompassing release that many people love right now. Furthermore, the music begins with a progressively increasing overture, followed by a cymbal brush, leading to an exquisite beat pattern. In the intro, the synths also appear, bringing a dance cadence that gets the hips jiving from the first second.

Paul Simon, on vocals, appears out of nowhere and delivers yet another magnificent vocal performance. His self-assurance is evident, and he imbues the music with the star quality it craves. He also speaks without ambiguity, and he talks about not being able to forecast the future and being caught off guard by unexpected events. We are sure many will relate to this narrative, especially given the crazy last few years endured.

Overall, a terrific showing from Spectral Display and a strong indication of what to expect with their subsequent releases.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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