R&B songstress Grace Weber began her “The Beautiful Space” tour in her hometown of Milwaukee Friday evening at The Back Room at Colectivo, drawing a sold-out show. Opening for Weber was R&B artist Reggie Becton of LA, whom she collaborated with on the song “Ghost” last year.

“It was literally perfect,” Weber said after the show. “I got so many goosebumps up on stage…just seeing people caring about the music and seeing friends from way back when and the gospel choir that I grew up with…it was exactly how I imagined it and it was like a dream come true.”

Weber gives some backstory on her journey since moving out of Milwaukee.

“It’s been amazing…up-and-down…there’s time’s where I felt like I didn’t know what the universe was trying to teach me right now but then the next day it would all make sense. I wrote about this in “Other Side” where I’m supposed to go on this journey so that I could understand my music better and who I am better, and hopefully I’ll write music that’ll help people get through tough shit because I’ve gone through it too. I went to NYU right after high school and lived in New York for ten years, and now LA is great, but Milwaukee will always be where my roots are.”

Her album “A Beautiful Space” came out in June; she said during the show that it’s been five years in the making. The record’s themes focus on perseverance, feeling amazing, and knowing your worth.

“The first song that we released in 2017 was kind of what kicked everything off. I worked on a ton of the album in Milwaukee, and the song “More Than Friends” got me signed to Capitol Records. I released another song on Capitol that didn’t do as well as they wanted so I ended up getting dropped from them, but then I was independent again which was amazing because I got to figure out my path…the doors flew open. Then I could do things how I really dreamed of doing them, and I could hustle to do them in my own way at my own speed. My dream always was to go on tour and I’m grateful it’s happening.”

Her current tour is taking her to nine cities.

“We end in LA, so we’re starting in my hometown and ending in my current town.”

Finally, she explains what’s next after tour.

“I’m gonna take a break and get back to my soul center. I’ll let my intuition tell me what the next step is. I definitely wanna make another project; I’m gonna hang out in Wisconsin for a month, drink some beer, and then figure out the next calling.”

Grace Weber’s “A Beautiful Space” Deluxe Edition is out now, featuring new singles “Touch the Sun” and “Parachute.”

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