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AUDIO: Grace Weber – “Lonely”

Cover artwork for Grace Weber - "Lonely"

Singer Grace Weber’s new release “Lonely” is a soulful and introspective two-song release that showcases her impressive vocal range and talent as a songwriter. The lead track, “Lonely,” is a poignant reflection on a relationship that has come to an end, with Weber’s emotive vocals perfectly capturing the feelings of heartbreak and loneliness. The b-side, “Insincere,” is another soulful track

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AUDIO: Grace Weber – “Parachute”

R&B songstress Grace Weber’s second single since her album “A Beautiful Space” is out now. “Parachute” is about falling hard for someone and wishing to be let down carefully like the titular flotation device. Weber brings the romantic swagger, asserting that she deserves to be fallen for with the same intensity. She feels saved by this person and it’s a

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VIDEO: Grace Weber Featuring Chance The Rapper – “Thru the Fire”

R&B artist Grace Weber recently dropped her debut album “A Beautiful Space” and has followed-up promptly with the visual to her song “Thru the Fire” featuring Chance the Rapper. Beginning with her walking through a dance studio and up to a record player to place a clear vinyl on it, Weber begins singing while a dancer is shown moving interpretively

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AUDIO: Grace Weber – “A Beautiful Space”

R&B artist Grace Weber has her long-awaited debut album out. It’s an explosively bright record where Weber is high on life; she’s endured considerable obstacles to get to where she is but has reclaimed her peace. These songs burst with color and euphoria, from the sparkling joy of “Feels Like Heaven” to the confident dismissal of a past relationship in

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AUDIO: Grace Weber – “Played Yourself”

Pop/R&B artist Grace Weber has another single out from her forthcoming debut full-length album. She tells an ex-lover with this one that they’re a fool for doing her wrong. Weber is doing just fine by herself, and although this person runs around pretending that they’re someone they’re not, she wishes them the best. It’s a song about reclaiming yourself from

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AUDIO: Grace Weber – “Thru the Fire (Feat. Chance the Rapper)”

R&B artist Grace Weber worked with Chance the Rapper on her latest single. It’s a song about resilience against all odds; Weber sings of “waiting through the fire” and “using it as fuel” as metaphors for keeping a good head on her shoulders. Chance comes in with a verse about getting picked for things last when he was younger, but

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