AUDIO: Jennifer Porter – “Show Me Your Love”

Jennifer Porter is back, and her new single, ‘Show Me Your Love,’ is even more beautiful than before. The singer, who has been enchanting Maine’s local scene for years, has made a significant step forward with her current album, ‘Sun Come And Shine,’ which contains this new single.

‘Show Me Your Love,’ a soulful song with a bluesy background, delves into numerous styles and pleases the ears in all the right ways. It’s not too forward, the music isn’t too loud, and the production’s most beautiful feature is that the musicians let Jennifer shine. She glistens on top of the mix, and her vocals radiate out, leaving an impression that will entice you to return.

The superb backing harmonies that accompany Jennifer’s voice are another notable highlight of this track. They add just the right amount of weight to the mix, as well as another path to serenity. However, they are not overwhelming, as is sometimes the case when singers enlist the help of a supporting vocal group, as Jennifer does here.

The warm bluesy tones of the guitar riffs provide a new layer to the composition, creating a euphoric experience. Similarly, a majestic keys arrangement blends in perfectly with a simple yet powerful percussion performance.

Overall, Jennifer Porter’s performance is excellent, and it demonstrates her ability to be versatile in her musical concepts. Jennifer, please keep them coming!

You can take a listen to this new single by Jennifer Porter here.

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