AUDIO: Wayne Dreadski – “Da Candyman”

Wayne Dreadski, an Atlanta musician, comes back with a bang with his new single, ‘Da Candyman.’ The track is a hidden gem with plenty of talking points, taking us on an adventurous journey that is enthralling from the outset!

The song begins with a guitar rhythm that meets a low vocal from Wayne. It’s clear from the first second that this will be a tune with different ingredients, and it doesn’t disappoint! The singer/rapper starts on the right foot, with lots of excitement!

Wayne combines reggae and hip-hop into a new hybrid with his fiery vocal style. Wayne’s strategy is ingenious, and it keeps him strong in the game. With a drum and bass cadence, the beat is also infectious. Everything about the track is unique, and while it may appear strange on paper, it is very exceptional! Furthermore, if you try to find something similar to this, you will have a difficult time.

The lyrics are also indenting, as Wayne discusses reality and false daydreams. He’s not sure if the fantastic person he met is genuine or a con, something like a pyramid scheme, which Wayne uses as an analogy to make his point. It’s a thought-provoking piece of work that hits home for all the right reasons.

Overall, ‘Da Candyman’ is the track we’ve sought without realising for quite some time. It’s intriguing, fascinating, and, above all, unique. Therefore, please do keep them coming, Wayne Dreadski!

You can listen here.


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