AUDIO: Will – “Closer”

Will, the dance producer, is making waves with his new tune ‘Closer.’ Given its rapid ascension to the top table of modern EDM, it is a track that needs little introduction.

The track is a testament to the producer’s abilities, and he delivers the feel-good factor like no other. Furthermore, the movement is infectious, and it’s difficult not to sway along with the beat as it proceeds. In addition, the mounting female vocal adds a fresh dimension to the mix, giving it a goosebump-inducing flavour unlike any other.

It all starts with a gentle synth rise and a pan drop loop that soothes the ears. Within a minute, the road opens up, and the race is underway with all guns blazing! The new piece’s brilliant composition also includes several structural alterations, which keeps the thrill flowing at all times.

With a memoir about getting closer to a loved one, the chorus is the true breadwinner. The voice tone is also sensual, with a pleasant timbre that blends effortlessly with the energetic and potent musical base to support the wordplay.

It hits new heights in the ending portion, with one of the most anthemic dancing finales to emerge from the music world in a long time.

Overall, it’s a fantastic delivery from Will and one that we’ll be holding close to our hearts for a long time! Also, it will keep Will on the radar of many as he progresses through his career.

Listen here.

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