AUDIO: Chris Tishler – “Reach for the Sun”

Alternative rocker Chris Tishler has his debut record out. With thirteen songs, Tishler shares personal and intimate sentiments that dwell between darkness and lightness. Some tunes are cathartic and troubled while others are celebratory in demeanor. One way or the other Tishler delivers an ambitious platter of compelling and heartful tales with a vast array of rock, world, and experimental influences. One of the most noteworthy moments here is “Wave to Me From the Shore” which consists of cryptic chants that build into a gnarly rock jam. Additionally, he’s got a number of talented cats featured here from the Violent Femmes to De La Buena to Testa Rosa to Five Card Studs. We commend Chris Tishler on such an action-packed album, and hope to hear more from him in the future.

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