AUDIO: The Mad Game – “Funny”

‘Funny’ is The Mad Game’s newest song, and it has an instantly appealing texture unlike anything else heard recently.

An upward whirling synth loop emerges from the undergrowth before meeting with a beat that rattles the speaker grills in the overture. The sound suddenly takes a new turn, seemingly out of nowhere, and changes into a one-of-a-kind diamond that is difficult to match. It has a Polka structure and loop, which breathes new life into modern music’s avant-garde.

Also, the catchy melodies that emerge are out of this world. Similarly, the poetry on display is an excellent example of rhyming techniques, and the band leverage their skill to maximum power. Likewise, the electronic duo do not hold back with their corny yet exhilarating lyrics. It has a childlike quality in certain aspects, yet their aptitude as musicians is far from a freshman. Furthermore, they are experts in their field and use their production and voice abilities to benefit the production.

Similarly, the music adds something new to the table and exudes a zeal that subtly gets the head and feet bopping. It gets deep into the veins, and the constant flips and spins keep it going for a long time without the need to turn it off. Also, in the concluding stanza, when the synth takes centre stage and the drums become even more thundering, it achieves a whole new level of brilliance.

You can watch the official video for ‘Funny’ by clicking here.

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