AUDIO: Olly E – “Rise Above”

Olly E strikes while the iron is hot with his latest release, ‘Rise Above’. It is a track about defeating difficulty, and it exceeds expectations from the get-go, with the sole creator showcasing his multi-talent.

The musician is a one-person band that is swiftly rising the music ranks. He is frequently mistaken for a whole band; as a result, his one-of-a-kind approach sets him apart from his contemporaries. Nevertheless, he does add the occasional layer of influence to keep him up to date with today’s game.

Vocally, he soars above and beyond his previous efforts, which were also of unique quality. However, a few extra background harmonies here and there would have been tasty, especially to give it a more overall stereo sense. Nonetheless, Olly grows even more on this single, and his confidence shines through, leaving the listener’s mouth watering with fervour. Also, even though the core of the vocal remains central throughout, it does still gratify the ears.

The drums are massive, and they give off an unmistakable stadium-filling vibe. The guitar layers contribute to the already powerful soundscape by adding even more anthemic punch to the sound. In addition, the rhythm picks up from time to time, keeping the listener on the edge of their seat, anticipating what will happen next.

Overall, a fantastic performance by the British rocker who is showing promising growth within the music industry in a short period.

You can take a listen to ‘Rise Above’ by rocker Olly E by clicking here.

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