AUDIO: KAJA – “Polish Flowers”

RnB and soul musician Kaja is spreading her wings with her release, ‘Polish Flowers’. The single is one of a kind, and it shines radiantly with Kaja blossoming vocally.

To begin, we hear a lovely piano arrangement accompanied by Kaja’s beautiful vocal melody. It sounds like birds in the early morning, and it marks the beginning of a new day. Following the overture, Kaja speaks openly about her life and surroundings. While now residing in Scotland, she is nostalgic for her homeland Poland. Her presentation is energising. It is also a familiar feeling of someone who has left the nest to move to a new location.

The entire music has a sweet, angelic vibe to it. With a beat tapping away in the background, it does not lack vigour. A synth lead takes over the mix in the refrain, which works nicely with Kaja’s appealing lead vocal. A piano also appears in the middle of the music, giving it a new dimension.

Kaja shows herself to be a strong songwriter and poetic lyricist, with her wordplay creating an indelible impression. She has a harmonious way of expressing herself, which offers her a distinct advantage over other musicians in the same genre. Nonetheless, considering Kaja’s young age, she’ll need even more smash-hit jewels like this one to solidify her place in the songbook.

On the other hand, the wonderful production of ‘Polish Flowers’ could not have arrived at a better time. So much so that it will come as no surprise if this one sticks around for a while.

You can listen by clicking here.

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