AUDIO: Amanda Marie Wilkinson – “Taking My Time”

Amanda Marie Wilkinson is back with her new single, ‘Taking My Time’.

‘Taking My Time,’ which begins with a tune that climbs to the top of the mix and fastens itself to Amanda’s vocal in the same manner that glue bonds a substance, is bold from the outset. Amanda sings with energy, and her fearless attitude to singing is refreshing, especially since I can’t think of anyone else in the current game to compare her to.

Amanda’s vocals are razor-sharp, and she adds a metallic effect to her tone to give it even more oomph. Amanda tells a narrative of patience in her lyrics. Amanda speaks frankly about her actual experiences, so it’s not your average corny narrative.

Musically, ‘Taking My Time’ shifts around a lot, and the cadence sticks with you for a long time. Furthermore, as the song proceeds, it becomes increasingly more meaningful, with Amanda demonstrating that music is the finest medicine. Moreover, she mentions in her bio that music is the most wonderful therapy, and she nails it with her delivering the medication we all need in our lives.

‘Taking My Time’ is a fantastic follow-up to ‘Spiritual Level.’ So much so that I’m curious to hear what more the future singer has planned. However, if this song is any indication, we’re in for a treat with the next one.

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