AUDIO: Mike Zito – “I’ll Make Love To You”

Mike Zito is a one-of-a-kind artist, and his latest release, ‘I’ll Make Love To You’, is proof of that. Furthermore, with each hook, the blues-rocker unleashes the strength, and he wobbles the speakers in all the right ways.

The song is from Mike’s upcoming new album, ‘Resurrection’, and it’s just one of the album’s many highlights. However, with a rough edge that seems pure and welcome, it stands out just a little bit differently. Furthermore, Mike deftly preserves the original dynamics in the mix. As a result, the original recording’s feel is preserved rather than being masked by artificial polish, as is sometimes the case with modern music.

Mike’s gruff tones reverberate throughout the compound, creating a visceral sensation of being up close and personal with him during an intimate event. Also, he doesn’t hold back with his guitar prowess, and he delivers with style.

Speaking about the release, Mike said: “I have songs in me and musical ideas all of the time. I write what I can when I can and try to save it all for posterity. Some of the songs are just songs, and they don’t always have meaning for me, and some become very personal. For me to sing songs and feel them with real emotion, they need to be somewhat personal.”

“Even songs I did not write, I need to feel they explain a part of my thinking or how I am feeling about love, sex, life, death, the world…. Resurrection is an album of feelings, emotions and is very personal. The title track is how I once almost lost my love, but it came back stronger than ever. I have had this song in me for years, but it only makes sense now to share it with the world. After the year we have had on planet Earth, I believe we all need a rebirth. This rebirth has allowed me to be who I want to be musically and artistically.”

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