AUDIO: The Rogue Electrics – “Strangers of the Moment”

Alternative rockers The Rogue Electrics released their sophomore record this past week. Bridging classic rock with a modern bluesy flavor, the band spearheads a reclamation of crisis through focusing on the positives. Recording during quarantine allowed the band to maximize on an enriched production. Beginning with the booze-soaked “Prohibition” and concluding with the nearly ten-minute long jam “Bridger O’er Water,” this body of work looks on the bright sides of uncertainty, rejecting the wallow in self-doubt and instead putting one foot in front of the other on the yellow brick road. “Night Wanderer” brings climactic sharpness with the yearn for guidance in darkness over seven minutes. The Rogue Electrics bring a hopeful optimism done in the style of rock and roll, which we think Milwaukee needs more than ever.

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