AUDIO: Dave Kalz – “Relish”

Dave Kalz is rocking his way up the blues charts with his new delivery, ‘Relish’. The album which sees Dave head back to his roots is to drop on the 25th of June.

Recording the album with Mike Zito from Gulf Coast Records, Dave unleashes a stand out collection of future hits, with each track bringing something just that little bit different to the forefront.

The album kicks off with ‘Mexico’, which many will argue is the perfect opener with its upfront rock structure getting the party underway. The drums are big and stadium-filling; they keep this vibe flowing for the entirety of the album. Also, Dave smashes it vocally with an old-school vocal technique.

‘Flying High’ takes the album to a novel route with a soulful, groovy guitar rhythm, with Dave speaking through what sounds like a megaphone. He opens with a spoken narrative but soon heads back to his melodic vocals with a 60’s tone.

‘Coffin With Muffin’ is deliciously pleasing. Not only because it makes us want to head out to the local java shop, but it has an infectous cadence with the guitar hooks meeting the drum rhythm with ease. Here, though, Dave steps back from the microphone and lets the music do the talking.

The album finishes with ‘Playing The Blues’ and akin to his previous hits, this one rocks the socks off with an organ also attaching itself to the salient mix.

Speaking about the album, Dave said: “I could tell you what it’s really about, but I think it’s better if everyone has their own little interpretation of it. Trust me, it’s a good thing, and I don’t want to take anyone’s meaning out of a fun song. So let it be whatever any person wants it to be, and when you think about it, smile. That’s what I do.”

You can pre-order the album here.

Listen here.

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