AUDIO: The Quiet Canon – “She Said, It’s Me or the Hindenburg”

Alternative pop project The Quiet Canon have their debut full-length record out on Poppypop Records. It’s an album that revolves around the pains and pleasures of a relationship. You want so bad to persevere through the speed bumps despite you both being able to see through each other. You want them to do what’s in their own best interest while simultaneously you can’t picture yourself without this person in your life. As such, many of the songs take a somber, spacious approach to indie pop. Airships, Muppets, ghosts, and Mars are all used as vehicles for love. The album was written and recorded in Switzerland and France but was mixed and mastered here in Wisconsin. If you’ve ever been on the prolonged cusp of a longtime relationship ending, The Quiet Canon have something in store.

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