AUDIO: Nwando Babes – “Put In The Work”

Nwando Babes provides the summer sizzle with her new release, ‘Put In The Work’.

Leading the way forward is a keys arrangement that is easy to get lost in with its dreamy rhythm. Nwando also gives us an early vocal echo with a reverberated hook echoing around the mix. But, the excitement kicks off with Nwando unleashing a robust vocal in the first verse. Her tones are somewhat similar to some of the greats in the pop realm, including Charlie XCX. But there is a nostalgic reflection too from the likes of Madonna. However, Nwando uses her idols subtlely. As a result, she is not a mirror image; instead, she is a unique artist breaking out into her own space.

Musically, ‘Put In The Work’ is full of zest. It is fresh and welcoming with a party-esque foundation that will undoubtedly ring out of clubs for a long time post-lockdown. Also, the eclectic range of sounds on offer give Nwando a new position, and it is what makes the track compelling from start to finish. However, it would have been great to hear a little more backing harmonies in places, especially in the chorus, where Nwando’s vocals could have become even more profound with a louder backing accompaniment.

Nevertheless, the track ticks all the right boxes, and it gives us an insight into what to expect with Nwando’s upcoming releases, which are most likely going to be equally as influential.

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