AUDIO: Final Void – “Symphony Of Lies”

Final Void are the rock group who bring the edge with their new release, ‘Symphony Of Lies’ from their ‘Visions Of Fear’ album.

The group kick off with a punk rock guitar opener from Toni Hangasmäki, similar to what you may expect from a band like Anti-Flag. However, the rockers soon head off down a more hard rock route in the first verse. Furthermore, the guitars become even more profound with grit, and lead singer Tuomas Kotajärvi smashes through with ease, although it is often difficult to work his words; who cares? He sounds potent.

Finland is the band’s native realm, and they carry a sound that is somewhat akin to other rock bands who have risen from the area in recent years. They boast a bold foundation, and the track follows a thunderous pathway for the most part. However, towards the closing stages, the group step back, and the sounds become distant in the mix ahead of a colossal finale.

In the finale, guitarist Toni gets a whole new lease of life, and he blazes with a guitar solo which is undoubtedly going to inspire a new line of rock guitarists. However, the bass stays relatively hidden in the compound, and it would have been great to hear a little more rattle from the bassline as it comes to the finishing line.

Overall, ‘Symphony Of Lies’ is a nail-biter. It is anthemic from the get-go, and it will be no surprise to hear this one echoing out of rock clubs over the coming months. Also, if this track is anything to go by, then we are in for a treat with their following releases.

You can take a listen to ‘Symphony Of Lies’ by Final Void here.

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