AUDIO: Thomas Atlas – “Thomas Atlas”

Thomas Atlas is fresh with his new self-titled album, and he gives the funk world a groove that is irrefutable.

His new record, which contains ten juicy gems, is full of exquisite melodies, guitar riffs, and vocals hooks, leaving the mouth pouring with gusto. The album kicks off with the highly commended, ‘Got This Feeling’. It instantly charms its way to the party with a contagious quality that sets the bar high for the entire album.

Starting so strong is often a mistake for some artists, especially when the other tracks fail to deliver, but it is not the case for Thomas Atlas. We head straight into ‘Halfway To The Moon’ from the opener, which is dripping in summer feel-good. It instantly transports us to a sunny realm with the sunshine beating down on our face as soon as it starts. The drumbeat provides a solid infrastructure, and the guitar riff rips through the mix with supremacy.

When the album appears to cool down, ‘Turn Up The Heat’ arrives, and it does what it says with congruency. We are almost hitting the melting point, but Thomas excites even further with ‘Groove 101′, which showcases his talented brass backing group with the sax leaping out of the compound with memorable beguiling flavour. Likewise, Thomas’ slick guitar riffs flow with confidence, and his vocals reach a new level.

Thomas is on flying form with his vocals, and he boasts a low quality while also reaching for high notes with ease. His tone is warm, and he brings a new distinct quality to the forefront of blues and funk.

You can check out a preview of Thomas Atlas’ new funk and blues album by clicking here.


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