AUDIO: Nobody – “Daydreamer”

‘Daydreamer’ is the latest release from alt-pop musician, Nobody and it is one of those tracks which captivates deeper with every playthrough.

Based in London in the UK, Nobody delves into her imagination, and she rises to the top with treasure. Furthermore, ‘Daydreamer’ opens with a heavenly and somewhat hypnotising overture with the synth rattling with tender quality. Nobody then suddenly rises out of the mix, and she sings with elegant essence.

Nobody has a strong message about daydreaming about somebody who she cherishes the most. Often, speaking in the third person, she looks in from the outside at her life and gets her story across with no ambiguity. She is close to her vision, but the vision often gets muddled with the reality of everyday life. Nevertheless, despite the craziness of the modern world, she still has a connection to her dream, and she does not shy away from spilling her heart into her record.

Vocally, Nobody is a strong force, and her confidence picks up as the track progresses. Moreover, she becomes more fearless with her vocals smashing through the mix with agility towards the midsection. Likewise, the music picks up strong momentum, and an eclectic range of new sounds leap out of the compound, paving the way forward.

Towards the closing stages, Nobody cements her expression even more profound, and the music matches the narrative, which she showcases through her words. Furthermore, it is almost like her vision coming to life with the mix leaking irrefutable energy and a feel-good optimism which is challenging to refuse.

Overall, ‘Daydreamer’ is a piercing release from Nobody, and given that Nobody is still relatively fresh on the scene, it is an indication of how far she may go in her career. She is inspiring, brave and her approach to music is second to none. Great work!

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