AUDIO: Age Of Destitute – “Voiceless”

Age Of Destitute take a hint from the tremendous soft rock songbook with their new release, ‘Voiceless’. It is a nostalgic piece with many influences being apparent, but the group also paint a distinct soundscape with their melodic arrangements.

Moreover, inspired by Pink Floyd and John Mayer, Age Of Destitute delve deep into what moves them the most, and they cleverly fuse what already works into something original and fresh. As a result, it opens a new chapter for the soft rock genre.

‘Voiceless’ begins with a tranquil scene, and the guitars glide through the airwaves with a warm and breezy aura. The drums stay somewhat distant in the opening section, and they follow this pattern for most of the release, but they still add weight to the foundation.

Lead singer Rez soon rises to the top of the mix, and similar to the music, he provides a gently spoken delivery with his voice inviting us in with opening arms. His vocals are gracious and sincere, and the vibe he gives off in the opener carries on for the entirety. Nevertheless, potentially, hearing a bit more grit from him as it progresses may have been advantageous to give the track even more edge?

Musically, Age Of Destitute are a driving force that are challenging to tame. Furthermore, a guitar solo leaps out of the mix in the midsection, and it grips with exquisite quality. Likewise, the bass fastens us in with its coherent texture.

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