AUDIO: LZYBY – “Take My Time”

What is so impressive about LZYBY is that he keeps reinventing his sound, and here on ‘Take My Time’, he delves into a new area with many new sounds greeting us as it progresses.

It kicks off with a non-lexical vocable from LZYBY, with him standing with a humming texture; we are then with his vocal performance rising to the top of the compound. Vocally, LZYBY is on top form, with his influence from the pop greats paying off. However, he likes to do it his way, which is evident given his fresh vocal performance. His tone is inviting, and his relentless approach to say it how it is stimulating. He does not allow anyone to take up his precious time, he knows his worth, and he makes his message clear throughout.

The music on ‘Take My Time’ is timeless, which is a crucial ingredient for an artist breaking out onto the scene. Furthermore, it has an archaic flow, but it does not sound out of place today. Also, LZYBY introduces a new string to his bow with his self-performed violin hooks giving the mix a unique edge.

Overall, ‘Take My Time’ is the gift that keeps on giving. Furthermore, it gets better with every playthrough. Also, the oxford gent proves that he can produce a top-class pop hit, yet he also demonstrates his storytelling ability. Additionally, he is inventive with his wordplay while also keeping his message prevalent for the entirety.

‘Take My Time’ is out on Friday 12th March. You can pre-save here.

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