AUDIO: Roberto Bates, VIOLA – “Fire Walk With Me”

Roberto Bates is the EDM producer who keeps on giving with his new track ‘Fire Walk With Me’, sending a shiver down the spine of all those who relish top-class electronic.

The new release sees the german hitmaker team up with female vocalist VIOLA, and the pair smash it, knocking the ball out of the park from the instant. VIOLA takes the opening section with surprise, and her timbre grips to the speakers like chewy on the bottom of a boot. She is exciting, and she delivers one of the most exhilarating pop vocals to grace the airwaves in recent times.

Musically, the structure is thought-provoking for anyone interested in music production. Roberto Bates keeps it not a million miles away from the norm, yet he subtly drops new zest elements with many sounds taking up space in the back end. Also, the drumbeat has a nostalgic vibe while sounding comparable to some of the biggest hits of modern times. It has a ‘Blinding Lights’ vibe by the Weeknd; whether this is intentional or a coincidence, it is hard to say, especially since Roberto does not cite ‘The Weeknd’ as a significant influence.

Overall, the ‘Fire Walk With Me’ ride is thrilling, with neither artist lacking energy. VIOLA bursts with flair, and her passion is unmistakable, given that she compels with conspicuous emotion. Likewise, although we do not hear Roberto on the mic, his admiration for electronic pop music leaks out of the mix, and his straightforward approach pays off with a sound that combines 80s electronic with modern hooks.

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