AUDIO: Nate Ruvin – “Blossom Dear”

Experimental pop composer Nate Ruvin has a new record out. With all eleven songs being collaborations, Ruvin pursues the “wall of sound” technique of recording here but with a modernized approach. Featuring the contributions of Nathan Roundhouse, Benny Koziol, Charlie Herrenbruck, Ace Parker, River Jordan, Bear in the Forest, Viceymoo, and RichieWitDaHitz, this body of work radiates with vigorous and cheerful energy. Some tunes take the soft and gentle road while others will make you want to run full-speed into water on the beach. With a psychedelic edge and neon-bright sonic colors, you couldn’t possibly walk away from this album in a bad mood. Ruvin has dedicated “Blossom Dear” to Phil Spector, creator of the wall of sound, who passed away last month.

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