AUDIO: Untold Poet – “Don’t Understand”

Essex rapper and songwriter, Untold Poet is back with potentially his boldest and most potent track yet, ‘Don’t Understand’. It is a release which cements the rappers name in rap history, and his honest approach leaves a long-lasting impression.

Furthermore, the BBC Introducing Essex ‘Sound Of 2021’ artist grips here with him venting about what he feels about the world going on ‘outside’. Untold Poet kicks off with a spoken message, and his narrative brings instant clarity.

Musically, the instrumental has a peaceful aura, similar to the rap bars; they elicit emotion. The beat adopts a Latin-eque feel that is interesting given that not many British rap tracks delve into this space, instead usually boasting a contemporary hip hop swing. It is a hybrid which works very well with a flavour that is challenging to locate elsewhere.

Untold Poet cites influences from Mike Skinner (The Streets) and Kano, their vibes do subtly leak out of the mix, but Untold Poet is on a unique path. He has an honest approach to music, and his emotion is unparalleled. The rapper also expresses a sharp message, and he speaks about what grinds his gears about modern life.

The rapper mentions freedom, and he asserts that the society we live in does not let us all be free to the extent where prejudice does not exist. He hates the idea of bias, and he expresses his thoughts with no ambiguity. Additionally, the closing passage is memorable; the story suddenly concludes and leaves the listener questioning whether they should also be making a stand. Moreover, the rapper’s closing line is ‘I just don’t understand it, do you?’ It is creative, and Untold Poet does have a point, more change is required.

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