AUDIO: Thomas Atlas – “Got This Feeling”

Stunning with an instant funky charm, ‘Got This Feeling’ by Thomas Atlas is as potent as upbeat tracks come, it is awe-inspiring!

Born in Birmingham in the mid-90s, Thomas grew up listening to some of the worlds finest blues and funk tracks and his early listening experience has taken a toll on his musical style. He brings a nostalgic feel to yesteryear, yet he has a modern and updated quality, which keeps him super relevant in 2021.

While exploring the world playing shows, Thomas has picked up influences which pay off with many sounds leaping out of ‘Got This Feeling’. But, his performance is different, and it arrives fresher than a bag of apples. Vocally, Thomas leverages his multifaceted vocal range. He slides between low octaves and high tones with comfort, and his vocal boasts a dynamic which is undoubtedly going to send Thomas straight to the top of the game.

Musically, the funky feel-good leaks energy like a faucet. The excitement does not become idle either. Instead, it builds, and it is impossible not to feel revitalised by the end of it. Towards the closing stages, the bass takes the focal position with one of the most cogent bass solos to leak out of the industry in modern times. Also, the guitar solo at the end is WOW! It concludes the track perfectly, and it evokes emotion with its heavenly flavour.

What makes ‘Got This Feeling’, so spectacular is that every instrument beams. Nothing gets lost in the mix, and all the musicians in Thomas’ band get the time to showcase their talent. It is obvious to see why too, they sound immense!

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