AUDIO: Rick Rutherford – “Words”

Rick Rutherford is taking off at rapid speed with his new release ‘Words’ which brings a new angle to indie music. The track which is the first to appear in 2021 for Rick is already sending a wave across the scene. It is clear to see why.

Rick Rutherford, who also goes by the name Lightnin’ Stik, brings a signature guitar sound that bursts through the mix. It has a ‘Ramones’ style tone which sparks nostalgia. Also, it instantly reverts to rocks biggest days. It is stimulating to hear the best from the past, making an appearance once again, and Rick also brings a new quality to keep it current and relevant in modern times.

Vocally, Rick possesses an unconventional method which makes him stand out to the rest of the artists releasing new music today. His approach is pure, and he stays true to himself, which is the most satisfying part. Nevertheless, the weight within his vocals mix is very light, similar to the rest of the track in many ways. As a result, more backing or layers could have given it more vitality. Also, the mix is lacking some bold underlying foundation to prop it up.

Lyrically, ‘Words’ is a message of love, and Rick expresses himself clearly through his poetry. He speaks about using words to communicate his admiration, and he does just that here. Also, he reflects on the past with him looking back through the better times with his lover.

Towards the latter, the music becomes more fathomless with all the instruments pushing through with might. Also, Rick smashes through his finale with ease, and he leaves a strong impression with his words ringing out with style.

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